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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Business – Terms and Conditions – Important to read before purchase.


  1. Please never start an legal case for anything to be returned unless you have first contacted the seller for a resolution. We aim to resolve all issues without intervention and can offer the best resolution and achieve the best customer satisfaction by proper communication.
  2. The customer is responsible for selecting the correct size and colour, return postage is paid by the customer if the item is not the correct size and colour or does not match the buyers expectations or match or suit the customers own décor or existing fittings. The buyer should not rely solely on the photo in the listing to establish an exact match to his/her requirements and should always order a sample otherwise the customer is deemed responsible for the cost of all returns. Only when the customer has ordered a sample will the case for a return be considered valid. Samples are FREE and therefore unless the item does not match the sample or there is a mistake the buyer is deemed responsible for the full cost of return of the unwanted items.
  3. The item may vary from the photos if the photos are only typical examples of a variety of sizes and colours on offer: FOR EXAMPLE AND NOT LIMITED TO DOORS AND DRAWERS ARE NOT SOLD TOGETHER AS SETS AND HANDLES ARE NOT INCLUDED EACH MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY BY SIZE - you are not buying what is in the photo/picture please see the sizes menu at the top of the page (at the bottom of the page on a mobile device). Therefore the customer is responsible for obtaining samples before purchase, or further information. Photos can vary from the item in colour or shade and the way the grain pattern runs either top to bottom or left to right. The buyer is deemed to accept this, check this information when purchasing and is responsible for the cost of returns.
  4. Sometimes items in the photos are not included in the sale, the description takes precedence over the photos in every instance the buyer is deemed as having read the description and made the relevant enquiries.
  5. The customer is responsible for returning unwanted items at his own cost. The buyer is requested to ask for further information before starting the return as the seller may not wish to have the item returned and may reimburse the seller for part or all of the cost and ask for the item to be disposed of the item especially if it is damaged in transit. A replacement may be offered in lieu of payment and the seller reserves his right to either reimburse the purchaser or replace the purchased good with another item.
  6. Unwanted items can be returned within 14 days or exchanged please ask for details of how to exchange your item for another there may be postal charges to do this but it is the fastest way of correcting your mistake.
  7. Refunds are issued on return of an item in good condition, the seller is therefore responsible for the full value of the goods in transit when returning an item.
  8. Claims for compensation or replacement of damaged items should be sent within 48 hours of receipt of item supported by full size photos sent to our claims department email or phone number by sms which will be given to the purchaser on request. This is not a legal requirement this is a polite request and a term and condition of the sale.
  9. We do not accept the return of a damaged item, so it is the buyers responsibility to remove the packaging and inspect the goods within 48 hours of receipt of the item. We are not legally bound to refund a customer on the return of a damaged item so although you have 14 days to return an item in good condition you will not be reimbursed when you return an damaged item. We do not expect a damaged item to be returned the customer will be reimbursed (in accordance with English Law) if we are notified of damages within 48 hours and photos and evidence of the damage have been sent to our claims department email address (which will be given at the time of the claim). The customer will then be responsible for disposal of the damaged goods. The customer should support his claim for damages by sending photos of the item and the damaged packaging otherwise the claim may not be considered.
  10. Damages and compensations are limited to the cost of the item and reimbursement of postage costs in accordance with English Law. Claims for delays and collateral damages and contractual obligations are not accepted under any circumstances. We do not accept any orders where “time is of the essence” even when the buyer pays for premium postal services.
  11. Before leaving negative feedback on any forum or site or starting any case including the return of the item the buyer is requested to contact the seller for a resolution (which may include providing a return label or supplying a replacement) as the seller may not require the return of the item. Failure to do this may result in the seller placing the buyer on a blocked buyers list and sharing this information with other sellers.
  12. The buyer should observe the delivery time stated in the listing and should not demand an earlier delivery. If concerned the buyer should contact the seller if the item does not arrive in 7 days and again after 10 days and should not start a case for non-delivery unless a satisfactory replacement has not been sent within 14 days or a reasonable explanation given.
  13. The item may or not have holes for hinges or fittings or mountings. The seller assumes that the buyer has made the necessary enquiries about fitting the item and has the necessary skill to fit the item or mount it. If the item does not fit, the buyer is responsible for the full cost or returning the item in an undamaged and unused condition.
  14. The seller assumes that the buyer has the necessary skill to fit the item without instructions and does not provide fitting instructions with the item. The seller assumes that the buyer can employ a competent fitter to fit the item and does not accept any fault with regard to fitting the item. The seller does not accept the return of used or fitted or damaged items.
  15. The product is not guaranteed. Heat and water will affect the product. Products subjected to heat or to water ingress or damage will not replaced free of charge.
  16. The seller reserves the right to cancel the transaction on the buyers behalf (without penalty) if the seller suspects or finds any of the following;
    1. The buyer has not supplied a correct delivery address
    2. The buyer refuses to supply a contact telephone number or respond to emails concerning the delivery time and date or fails when asked to confirm the details of the order including size selection and quantity.
    3. The buyer has attempted to buy a size or colour which is not in the listing
    4. The buyer has ordered one size or colour but stated in a message that they require a different size or colour. Or any message received conflicts with the order placed.
    5. The buyer has ordered multiple items without explanation and the seller suspects it is an error by the buyer and the buyer does not respond to enquiries made by the seller.
    6. The buyer does not pay.
    7. The buyer is outside the UK mainland in an area to which we do not normally deliver and refuses to pay a premium for delivery.

 February 2019